Make profit with empty seats and cargo holds

Increase your payload without risk! And turn empty seats into revenue.

Airlines that operate on short and medium range routes with narrow body aircrafts will highly benefit from our offer. Boost your profit even though ground times may be at concern. And complement your vacant payload with highly efficient cargo.

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The demand

There is thus a high and growing demand for airfreight. The few large and traditional airlines with a fixed long-distance network divide the cargo market among themselves. Prime airlines prioritize their own fleet over the fleet from a partner...
There is a worldwide shortage on airfreight capacity and many forwarders lack the ability to reach locations. The highly competitive forwarder market follows the tendency for more and more e-logistics/e-freight, electronic interaction is key.
63 million tons per year
+104 B$

The market

The total airfreight volume in 2018 is expected to exceed 62.5 Million Tons of goods worth more than 6,200 Billion USD and equals 7.4% of the world GDP. Amazon, Alibaba, Ebay and other e-commerce companies rely on the delivery services made possible by aviation.
This year the number of air-parcels grew with more than 10% from 6,7 to 7,4 billion per year. Due to lack of capacity, customers must wait up to 6 weeks for available space on aircrafts and some differ to alternatives.

Our portal


payload we add to the network

Available cargo capacity aircrafts is added to the network. Where needed we handle important aspects of airfreight and communicate with airlines and other parties involved. Our back office will tackle all issues and maintains the point of contact for forwarders worldwide where needed. The portal algorithm optimizes the revenue per flight for the airline.

Our offer

Green logistics

Reduce your CO2 footprint

Use of vacant capacities on existing flights provides a massive reduction of the CO2 footprint.


Who we are

Our team has deep knowledge of the airfreight business and processes. Hand in hand with main forwarders, airlines and ground handler we maximize the attractiveness of our solution. Operation interaction is automated, and our back-office team handles all non-automated events. Our portal solution is the engine for the new world of airfreight.