Our Offer

The Airline’s existing cargo volume of their aircraft is added to the network. The turnaround time may limit the volume of freight. Where needed we handle all important aspects of airfreight and communicate with ground handling and airlines. Our back office will tackle all issues and maintains the point of contact for forwarders worldwide where needed. The portal algorithm optimizes the revenue per flight for the airline.


We prove routes and solve any starting process flaws before scaling up. This to optimize communication and smoothen operation with new ground handling agents and airlines.


After a period, we scale up and help airlines to maximize capacity. The available ground time may limit this capacity, but we want to maximize capacity where we can. By efficient preparation of freight, we can turn empty seats into effective airfreight.


Where possible we provide improvements to optimize the processes and load more in shorter period. Think in filling the whole cargo hold within ground time limit.

seats on A320

x 80% =




payload we add to the network